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8 Things to know before visiting Dubai

Dubai is an enigmatic place and it welcomes millions of tourists every year. From the data of the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, we found that 16.73 million people visited this place in 2019. The number dropped in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are expecting a rise in the number of tourists this year.

The aroma of Dubai soil holds a magical smell and all over the city, you can find lavishness only. This doesn’t mean that you must have a tight budget to travel here. Consider these 10 things before planning to visit Dubai.

Visit at the Right Time

Dubai Culture has been shaped by the Islamic religion since time immemorial. If you are planning to visit in the holy month of Ramadan, be prepared to leave some bad habits in public. You will have to avoid smoking, drinking, and doing any such bad thing in front of them.

Most of the time, Dubai stays hot but winter arrives between October and April. These times are the best for visiting this highly populous city.

Save Money by Booking in Advance

Book your flights and hotel in advance to save some bucks. Start looking for flights one month before in advance. Booking a ticket at this time will be good for your pocket. Besides, booking for the hotel one-two months before will help too.

Avoid consuming Alcohol in Open

Dubai could be your dream tourist destination but there are some strict rules that you will have to follow. Consuming alcohol in public is prohibited. Besides, you are not allowed to drink and drive. Even to buy alcohol for your personal use, you will have to take permission.

The minimum age for buying alcohol is restricted to 21 years. Take your ID card to bars and restaurants for buying drinks.

Don’t get too romantic

Traveling with your life partner can make your Dubai trip romantic but if you are in Dubai, it is not allowed to show affection publicly. Kissing, hugging, and holding hands in public places are strictly prohibited.

Dress Modestly 

Islamic culture is deeply rooted in Dubai. So, you can’t wear short clothes at some places like malls, souqs, and mosques. Keep your shoulders and knees fully covered. However, wearing a bikini at beaches is normal here.

Weekends are Friday and Saturday

On Friday, Muslims gather at one place for prayer so they go off this day. Dubai Metro services start working at 10 AM on Friday. Businesses operations stay closed for few hours after noon time. Enjoy party life on Thursday and Friday night.

Not less than Orlando

Orlando has a dozen numbers of themes parks out of which, Walt Disney World is the most popular one. Dubai opened four theme parks in 2016 to compete with Orlando. Aquaventure waterpark has been the most famous one.

Take Permission before taking Pictures

Capturing the pictures of any Muslim woman, stranger, buildings, airport, military installations if you don’t want to get caught by the police.

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